Bloodwork Services for Pets

A necessary diagnostic tool used to understand your pet’s current health status.

Blood tests are one of the most used forms of diagnostic testing. Bloodwork refers to the various tests that use the patient's blood to identify illness and assess their overall health. From your pet's blood we can learn more about their chemistry which are the substances inside their body (enzymes, glucose, protein, electrolytes, etc.) and their complete blood count (CBC). Your pet should have at least one blood test each year. At our hospital, we also perform urinalysis and fecal analysis to diagnose pets. To schedule a diagnostic test for your pet, please call us at 519-285-2116.

When is bloodwork recommended?

As mentioned before, blood tests are often recommended when your pet is unwell. This diagnostic tool can detect various health issues such as allergies, organ failure, underlying diseases, and parasitic infections. Occasionally, your veterinarian may recommend bloodwork for other reasons:

  1. To determine the patient's response to anesthesia - Prior to all surgeries we run blood tests to decide how much anesthesia is safe for your pet.
  2. For routine wellness exams especially for seniors - During each veterinary checkup, we perform bloodwork to learn their baseline health information and also to catch unknown illness.
  3. Your pet is starting a new medication - The blood test will show their levels and state of organs that will metabolize the medication.

How long does it take to have the results?

With our own laboratory for diagnostic testing, we are able to perform bloodwork on-site. Our team can analyze the sample quickly and provide same-day results.

How can I prepare my pet for blood tests?

For scheduled bloodwork, your pet should fast for at least 8 hours prior. Fasting before blood tests ensures that we get a good blood sample that can provide more accurate results. Our team will provide tips and other recommendations that are specific to your pet.

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