Euthanasia Services for Pets

A pain-free humane death for terminal pets or animals living with chronic pain.

Pet loss is heart-wrenching for pet owners and their families. At our hospital we empathize with our clients as we know the strong bonds that we have with our pets. When the time comes for your pet to cross the rainbow bridge, our team is here to offer support. We will make sure you are well-informed about your options and have all the support you need to relieve any stress. Call us at 519-285-2116 - we can work with you to find ways to always keep the memories of your forever friend with you.

What is euthanasia?

Euthanasia is a medically assisted death. It is usually performed when patients suffer from an incurable and painful disease. The procedure ensures that the patient passes away peacefully and without any pain.

When should I consider the procedure for my pet?

The veterinarian will recommend the procedure when your pet has chronic pain or a terminal and debilitating disease. With such health conditions, your veterinarian can only provide palliative care to keep your pet pain-free until they succumb to the disease. We know it's a tough decision so even though our team may recommend it, you will always have the final say. Most pet owners will consider their pet's quality of life and if treatments can continue to alleviate their pain.

What happens during euthanasia?

The entire process will be completed within minutes so our team will allow the client moments of privacy before and after the pet is euthanized. To get the patient as comfortable as possible, you can bring their favourite comfort item such as a toy or blanket. Our veterinarian will give the pet a sedative to keep them calm if they are nervous. Euthanasia medication is a seizure drug that when given in high doses allows the patient to fall into a deep sleep. Once administered, their major organs stop working within seconds. Our team will then leave the room so that you can say your final goodbye.

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