X-ray Services for Pets

A non-invasive and safe diagnostic tool used to examine your pet’s internal systems.

Occasionally, your pet will need diagnostic testing to determine what is ailing them. At our hospital, along with bloodwork and urinalysis, we offer digital radiology. With this equipment in-house, we can properly examine your pet and quickly diagnose them. To learn more about our X-ray services, please call us at 519-285-2116.

Will X-rays harm my pet?

Unlike human X-rays, your pet won't develop any health problems from radiation exposure. We offer digital X-rays which use less radiation than traditional X-rays. For their safety, we use a short-acting sedative to keep them still, so they are not exposed longer than they need to be. When your pet remains still, we can capture the images better.

Why would my pet need an X-ray?

X-rays use a small amount of radiation to take snapshots of hard structures inside your pet. Digital X-rays give two-dimensional images that are shown on a monitor. The image can be resized or angled without losing the quality of the photo. We use X-rays when your pet has broken bones and fractures, to examine their heart, gastrointestinal system, and abdomen. We provide this service onsite which means our veterinarians can diagnose your pet's condition during their visit.

How are X-rays used in dentistry?

We use dental radiographs when your pet comes in for a dental examination. By using X-rays, we can see below the gumline and determine which teeth need to be extracted as diseases are often in the root. By using this instrument, we can safely remove infected teeth before it causes more serious problems for your pet.

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